A painful, enlarged left hemiscrotum

Ioanna Klapa, Ourania Preza, Aristeidis Antoniou


A 16-year-old male adolescent presented with a 1-month history of mildly painful swelling on the left hemiscrotum. The onset of the symptoms was insidious. The patient had no other clinical manifestations. Physical examination showed a palpable mass of approximately 8 cm in diameter on the left side of the scrotum. There were no palpable inguinal lymph nodes. Medical history was unremarkable. Tumour serum markers and laboratory findings were normal. Ultrasound (US) was performed initially; the patient referred to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) due to inconclusive US findings. US and MRI of the scrotum are shown below. 


rhabdomyosarcoma; scrotum; US; MRI

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