Abrupt onset of pain and progressive weakness in a young female

Ekaterini Tavernaraki, Chrissafoula Kolofousi, John Kalogeropoulos


We report a case of an extremely rare, benign and of unknown etiology syndrome, known as Gorham-Stout syndrome, vanishing bone disease or lymphangiomatosis. It is characterized by the presence of massive osteolysis and intraosseous hyperplasia of small vascular and lymphatic vessels, which leads to destruction and progressive absorption of the osseous matrix.  Although the majority of Gorhanm-Stout syndrome cases takes place during childhood, more than 1/3 appear after the age of 35.  We present a case of a 38 yearold female presenting an abrupt onset of dull aching pain, limitation of motion and progressive weakness. Radiography revealed massive osteolysis of body of both pubic bones and extension to right ischial ramus. Both bone ends where pointing.  CT findings were massive osteolysis of body of both pubic bones and extension to right acetabulum. MRI revealed pathologic signal of affected areas at STIR sequence.

The distinctive histopathological and radiological features led to the final diagnosis.


idiopathic osteolysis; CT; MR; vanishing bone

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36162/hjr.v2i4.159


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