Painful swelling of lateral neck and submandibular area in a girl

Eleni Koutrouveli, Rodanthi Sfakiotaki, Chrysoula Koumanidou


 An 8-years old girl presented at the Emergency Department with a painful swelling of the left lateral neck and submandibular area. The swelling had started 15 days earlier and worsened gradually. Five days after the initial symptoms, the patient was examined by a paediatrician and was started on antibiotics for suspected lymphadenopathy. Following a 10 days course of antibiotic therapy, she presented at our hospital for persisting symptoms and a palpable neck swelling. A soft tissue neck radiograph was obtained, which was initially reported as normal. Subsequently, an ultrasound (US) examination was performed, which revealed the full spectrum of findings and established the diagnosis (Figs. 1-4).


foreign body; fish bone; oesophagus; thyroidal abscess; unilateral thyroiditis

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