The spectrum of imaging features in small bowel pathology with CT-Enterography. A Pictorial Essay

Eleni Lazaridou, Sofia Athanasiou, Christina Aslanidi, Demetrios Exarhos


CT-Enterography (CTE) is an established imaging modality for the investigation of small bowel disorders, including Crohn’s disease (CD) and pathologies such as neoplastic, vascular and infectious entities. It is a non-invasive technique, which, besides exposure to radiation, has benefits due to many technical advances. It is available in an emergency setting and can be performed in uncooperative patients. CTE is essential in evaluating the affected mucosa and bowel wall, which is crucial in the diagnosis and follow up of suspected CD. It is also valuable in detecting extra-enteric pathology, the phase of the disease in CD and possible complications. This pictorial essay provides a thorough presentation of CTE in elucidating small bowel pathology.


CT-Enterography; small-bowel; Crohn's Disease

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