Lymphoma- PET-CT - initial staging and response assessment

Aikaterini Tavernaraki, Myrsini Stassinopoulou, Ilias Tsaousidis, Aspasia Papailiou, Christos Papadogeorgopoulos, Konstantinos Deliveliotis


The most common primary hematopoietic malignancy is lymphoma. Proper initial staging and therapy response is important. Staging defines disease location and extent and is important because it provides a baseline evaluation and allows comparison among studies. PET-CT is preferred for the staging of FDG-avid lymphomas, and a CT scan is preferred in non-avid types. Response assessment is also important in lymphoma patients. PET-CT should be used for response assessment in FDG-avid types, both for early assessment during therapy, known as interim, and at end of treatment. A scale was suggested as the standard reporting tool, and these so-called Deauville criteria have been widely used using the 5-point scale. In this pictorial essay, we present several cases of lymphoma patients to understand how to evaluate initial examination-staging and interim or end therapy response assessment according to Deauville criteria.


PET CT, lymphoma, response assessment, Deauville criteria.

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