An uncommon cause of scrotal swelling in a young male

Sanjay Mhalasakant Khaladkar, Divyajat Kumar, Reetika Kapoor


A 24-year-old man presented to Computed Tomography (CT) Department in our institution with a painless gradually progressive swelling in the left inguinoscrotal region and left side of the lower abdomen for the last four months; and painless swelling in the right scrotal sac for the last six months. Clinically cross fluctuation was elicited between the scrotal swelling and abdominal swelling on the left side. Ultrasound done elsewhere was reported as inguinal hernia. Patient was referred to us for CT abdomen pelvis and inguinoscrotal region (Fig. 1-3). Sagittal and coronal 2D multiplanar reformatted images were obtained (Fig. 4).


hernia; hydrocele; undescended testis

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