Demetrios P. Vasilidis: the first president of the Hellenic Radiological Society

Christos S. Baltas, Alexia P. Balanika, Joanna M. Sgantzou, Konstantinos Chlapoutakis


This is an original article about Demetrios P. Vasilidis, the first president of the Hellenic Radiological Society.

The Hellenic Radiological Society was established in Athens, in 1933 (20th September), in the radiological laboratory of Athanasios Lambadaridis, during a period of economic and political crisis in Greece.

The first general meeting of the Hellenic Radiological Society, for the election of the first Board, took place in Athens, on the 25th of September, 1933, in the electrotherapy laboratory of Demetrios P. Vasilidis. Most of the founding members were present, approved the articles of the Society and elected Demetrios P. Vasilidis as the first president of the Hellenic Radiological Society.

Demetrios P. Vasilidis was an internist-neurologist and one of the first doctors who were involved with radiology in Greece. According to his own reports, he dealt with the effects of X-rays on various manifestations of tuberculosis from 1904 onwards.

In 1923, Demetrios P. Vasilidis published a book of 335 pages titled “A Method of Radical Therapy of Pulmonary Tuberculosis” (in Greek). In the book he referred to the pharmaceutical regimen, the physiotherapeutic regimen, the course, the effectiveness and the prognosis of his applied therapy.

He founded “The first and best equipped laboratory in the East”, as he mentioned in his advertisement, as well as a sanatorium in Kipseli, Athens, where he applied his treatment.

The death of the first president of the Hellenic Radiological Society, Demetrios P. Vasilidis, was announced to the board in an urgent meeting of the Hellenic Radiological Society, in Athens, on the 5th of March, 1937.


Hellenic Radiological Society, History, Medicine, Greece

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