Gender and Aeon morphometric scrutinization of the mandible- A 2D panoramic study

Karthikeya Patil, Lakshminarayana Kaiyoor Surya, Mahima V G, Vidya Gowdappa Doddawad, Mahesh K P, Sanjay C J


Introduction: Dentofacial radiography is a structured and precise methodology employed in dental, medical, and hospital clinics for diverse purposes in the diagnosis and treatment of orofacial disorders. One such ordinance is the distinction of sexual dimorphism at different ages in the study population. The mandible is the most commonly employed bone for the determination of age and sex in the field of anthropology, planning surgeries, augmentation of grafts, placement of implants, and in forensic science, as it undergoes a lot of morphological transitions due to continuous remodeling.

Materials And Methods: This is an in vitro study appraised in the Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology.  210 OPGs selected by the purposive sampling method were analyzed morphometrically in detail. The outcomes were statistically correlated with the student T-test and Chi-square test to determine the functionality.

Results: In this present study, the mandibular criteria like the greatest width of the Ramus, least width of the Ramus, the projective height of the condyle, and coronoid height were statistically significant when compared between males and females. The gonial angle was higher in females than males but not statistically significant. In this study, the most common were the angled condyle, triangular coronoid process, and wide sigmoid notch.

Conclusion: The mandible, being the most remarkable bone, is used as the frame of reference for the placement of surgical grafts, implants, and orthognathic surgeries. Identification of sex remains an important feat in forensic odontology. This is aided by the morphometric analysis and anthropology of the mandible on OPG. This study succeeds in emphasizing the necessity of a comprehensive analysis of differing mandibular parameters.


Mandible; Analysis; Radiology;

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