Knowledge and perception of uterine fibroid among teenage girls with routine pelvic Ultrasonographic evaluation of teenagers

Ebbi Donald Robinson, Chidinma Wekhe, Jeremiah Ebere, Peace Wilson


Introduction: Uterine fibroid is the most common benign neoplasms which is rare before pubertal and after menopause.

Aim: The study is aimed to ascertain the knowledge and perception of uterine fibroid among teenage girls.

Methodology: A descriptive cross-sectional study with free medical outreach of 865 in school teenagers was adopted. Participation was voluntary however; written consent and ethical approval were obtained prior to commencement. Well-structured pretested questionnaire with the Likert scale multiple questions format of YES, NO, and I Don’t know (No opinion); was used. Real time grey scale ultrasonography was done with Sonolite Edge Portable ultrasound machine coupled with 3.5MHz curvilinear probe using standard pelvic ultrasonograhic procedure in the presence of a chaperon. The findings and data retrieved from completed questionnaires were entered into a spreadsheet and analyzed using IBM SPSS version 22.0 statistical software for windows. The results presented using descriptive statistics.

Results: Participants were aged 14years (n=157, 18.15%), 15years (23.01%, n=199), 16years (n=216, 24.97%) and 17years (23.12%, n=200). Majority of the respondents (81.39%) have not heard of the lesion. The source of information was mainly from family members (55.28%). Spiritual connotation (40.86%) and Smoking (11.83%) were perceived to be associated with the lesion. Normal pelvic ultrasound finding was the most common (82.20%). PID (7.75%), ovarian cyst (1.50%), and UTI (7.40%) were also seen. A 13years old was having uterine fibroid, while 4 cases teenage pregnancy (0.46%) were seen at ages 16 and 17years.

Conclusion: There was limited knowledge with associated wrong perception of spiritual connotations concerning the lesion. A 13 year old teen had the lesion; therefore evaluation of teenagers for uterine fibroid has become imperative and the inclusion of some gender based disorders in reproductive health education is recommended.



Uterine fibroid, teenage uterine fibroid, teenage pregnancy, Opu-Alabo foundation.

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