Assessment of Pain and Swelling in the Edentulous Maxillary Jaw of Geriatric Person

Shivananda S, Vidya G. Doddawad, karthikeya patil, Sanjay CJ, Pushpa VH


A 65-year-old female patient complained of pain and swelling in the front part of the edentulous upper jaw for 15 days. The sudden onset followed a trauma incident a month prior. Despite receiving antibiotics and pain medication at other clinics, the persistent swelling persisted for a week. Clinical examinations revealed a hard, tender, oval-shaped swelling, measuring 1x1.5cm, extending from the midline to the right lateral incisor region and into the sulcus. The intraoral periapical radiograph reveals radiopacity. Routine blood tests and cardiorespiratory status were normal. Under local anaesthesia, the biopsy specimen was placed in formalin, and sent for histopathological examination.


Geriatric, Impaction, Central incisor, Surgical removal, Dilacerated tooth

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