Diabetic patient with painful swelling of the shoulder and arm

Kyriaki Tavernaraki, Petros Filippousis, Loukas Thanos


A 42-year-old female patient with known type II diabetes mellitus presented to the Emergency Department with significant swelling and increasing pain of the right shoulder-arm radiating to the axillary fossa and lateral chest wall. She had had the pain for 20 days. Fever (temperature 37.8°), significant swelling and signs of infection in the painful arm were noted on clinical examination. The laboratory tests were in keeping with sepsis with leukocytosis (WBC 30,000) and consequent diabetic ketoacidosis (blood glucose 420 mg/dL, pH 7,189, HCO3 7.8 mmol/L). An emergency CT scan of the chest-right shoulder was ordered.


diabetes; pyomyositis; Computed Tomography

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36162/hjr.v2i1.126


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