Progressive diffuse muscular pain and stiffness of the torso

Georgios Kalarakis, Apostolos Karantanas


A 65-year-old male patient presented at the emergency department with progressive diffuse muscular pain and stiffness lasting for two weeks. Symptoms presented initially in the shoulders, extending within four days to the back. His medical history included gout and hypercholesterolaemia under treatment for one month and three years respectively. On admission, physical examination revealed severe torso muscle weakness and tenderness, mostly in the back. The patient was totally unable to raise the body from supine position. Laboratory studies showed elevated creatine kinase (2150 mg/dL) and creatinine plasma levels (1.68 mg/dL). An MRI examination of the thorax and abdomen was performed (Figs. 1, 2).


Rhabdomyolysis/chemically induced; MR imaging/diagnosis; Statins; Colchicine; Muscular Diseases

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