MRI findings of autoimmune hepatitis and brief review of the literature

Charalampos Maskalidis, Alexandros Tsitouridis, Maria Sousanova, Nona Iordanidou, Christina Manika, Eleni P Kariki


Autoimmune hepatitis is a form of chronic hepatitis of unknown etiology. Imaging is not included in the diagnostic criteria of the disease, but it may play a role in histopathologic correlation and monitoring of these patients.  Certain nonspecific imaging patterns of autoimmune hepatitis may be associated with inflammation or fibrosis. Our purpose is to review the magnetic resonance imaging findings of autoimmune hepatitis, any possible correlation with histopathology and their role in assessing the follow up of these patients.


Autoimmune hepatitis; inflammation; fibrosis; patchy enhancement; reticular pattern; periportal pattern

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