Cardiac MRI and Myocarditis in Covid-19 infected patients: our experience

Styliani Velitsista, Theodora Tsitsimpi, Panagiotis Toulas


Purpose: To describe the cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) radiological findings in patients with clinical suspicion of myocarditis due to infection of COVID-19.

Materials and Methods: During  year 2021 we had CMR examinations in 90 patients , 58 males and 32 females, aged 21 to 80 years old, who had the indication of myocarditis due to Covid-19 infection. 45 patients had curtained disease of Covid-19, 24 patients had presented post Covid clinical symptoms, 5 patients with suspicious symptoms after vaccination and 8 patients with uncertain clinical criteria but high risk due to other diseases (eg respiratory problems, myositis etc).

Results: 38/90 (42.2%) had radiological findings in CMR study compatible to myocarditis. 3/90 (3,3%) had image findings of myocardiopathy and other 5/90 (5,5%) image findings of ischemic model. 6/90 (6.6%) had re- evaluation with CMR in order to control the progress of remodeling in myocardium due to Covid-19 myocarditis.

Conclusion: CMR is the golden standard in imaging  myocardium in several diseases but especially in myocarditis. Radiological findings in myocarditis are common in Covid-19 and other etiologies.


Cardiac Magnetic Resonance; Myocarditis; Covid-19 Infection

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