Uncommon incidental imaging finding in patient with chronic kidney disease and flank pain

Anjali B Susan, Amit Batra, Vivek Agarwal


57-year-old male with diabetes mellitis type 2, systemic hypertension, chronic kidney disease, multiple renal calculi, receiving biweekly dialysis for 3 years had presented with left flank pain. On examination he had tenderness in left lumbar region. Total leukocyte count and creatinine levels were elevated. Urine culture revealed >103 colony forming units (c.f.u /ml) of Escherichia coli. Non contrast CT imaging was done and later patient underwent percutaneous catheter drainage from left kidney.


Pseudotumor; Lipomatosis; pyelonephritis ; chronic renal insufficiency; renal calculi

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.36162/hjr.v7i4.506


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